Pioneering Healthier Communities

Our Mission: Influence and empower all families in Marshall County Iowa to choose healthier lifestyle.

The reason: overweight and under-activity have been identified as two of the county's most pressing health issues.

The consequences: there are elevated rates of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. And more of it is being observed in children.

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Biking Assets Are Growing in Marshalltown!

Marshalltown has shown some real growth in opportunities for individuals and families to bike recreationally and to accomplish activities of daily living.  In addition to the city and county assets of the Linn Creek Bike Trail and the Grimes Farm Biking/Pedestrian Trail, our local Iowa Valley Bicycle Club has been very actively supporting us all.  Look at some of what they have accomplished in the past couple of years to make our biking experiences safer:

  • Bike Racks Downtown - purchased and helped to install with Central Business District cooperation
  • Bicycle Rodeo Safety Instruction – with guidance and cooperation from Marshalltown Police Department
  • Bicycle Routes Marked and Mapped – with the guidance and cooperation from local law enforcement and our city government, routes were established, bicycle lanes on road routes were marked, and a .pdf map was created


This list is not intended to be exhaustive.  Rather, we want to remind you that Marshalltown is growing in its hospitality toward bicycle and pedestrian traffic.  The Iowa Valley Bicycle Club is applauded for its efforts to generate a supportive Marshall County in which we can feel safer to move more using a one-, two-, or three- wheeled pedal pushing option. 

We all can make huge strides in improving our activity level, if we first consider how we get to and from normal commitments throughout the week.  Consider hopping on your bike to get to work, instead of driving.  How about running your quick errand to a grocery store with a backpack on your bike?  And if you’re looking for entertainment, how about enjoying a bike ride?   Meeting someone for lunch?  How about getting there on your bike.  Even at a leisurely pace, biking is a great way to increase your physical activity. 


The Marshalltown Bike Route Map is available in .pdf format for any and all who want to print this for their permanent reference.  Access it by clicking on the following link


Harvest from the Heart of Iowa

Click here for the article published in the Marshall County Sun, 8/12/2010